4 Seasons

The Meramec River Valley offers great outdoor opportunities all year long. Some of the best scenery and wildlife sightings just happen to be when most of the folks are not around. We will help you plan a great Ozark river getaway for any season.

SUMMER: The most popular time on the river for families. Swimming, floating & fishing in the clear cool water. Playing and relaxing on our big gravel bar is the place to be to beat the heat. Keep cool exploring Onondaga Cave.

FALL: Prettiest season with nature’s colors on full display. Best time to enjoy one of the local wineries or bring your own with a camp fire down by the river. One of the best times to have the river to yourself to float or fish.

WINTER: Migrating eagles inhabit the valley and use the trees along the river. Best views of the bluffs and terrain when the trees drop all their leaves. The best time of the year to catch bigger smallmouth bass is in the winter months.

SPRING: Warming temperatures brings everything back to life. Excellent time of the year to hike one of the local trails and see the redbuds, dogwoods and wildflowers blooming. Turkey hunting at Huzzah CA in the morning and then hunt the pre-spawn and spawning fish that are very active. Trout season opens at Maramec Springs Park.